National Enquirer: President Obama At War With Hollywood


President Barack Obama is featured on the cover of the latest issue of “National Enquirer” magazine. Apparently the president is at war with Hollywood…Who knew?!?

The magazine states that while Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the verge of starting World War 3, our lovely president is at war with some celebrities. In the inset photos, we see Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson and Clint Eastwood…

The tabloid states that the president is trying to destroy our favorite stars and it talks about how he is going about that. In addition to the above three celebrities, the magazine has the scoop on who else is on the president’s hit list.

Lastly for this feature, the tabloid talks about how the Russian president made Obama look like a fool.

In addition to the presidential news, we’ve learned that Jay Leno has collapsed and the tabloid tells us how his wife saved him. Perhaps he figured out that he couldn’t actually snatch back his late night spot this time around. He is one shady mofo, so he probably just realized that his goose is cooked. He can’t work on late night television anymore, so perhaps it’s just time for him to retire? What do you think?

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5 Comments on this Post

  1. Valerie

    Did any one read the cover out loud….”How Putin made Obama look like a fool” “Puitin” can make anyone look like a fool :)

  2. Lainey Friedlander

    Have you seen Putin horseback riding shirtless? YUCK!! He’s the one who comes off looking like a fool.

  3. He is a fool. And thats being nice. Like Clint Eastwood said ” he’a the biggest joke ever perpetrated on the american people.” He shouldn’t be our president. And i’m ashamed he’s still in office.

  4. Belinda bell

    I hate NBC for kicking out Jay Leno so I don’t watch the Tonight Show anymore.

  5. Robert McTierney

    It is because of Obama that Jay Leno is out. He wants to control everything and everybody. Jimmy Fallon is his whipping boy so he is in, Jay Leno is out. NBC has always been nasty about their dealings with Leno and others and I cannot stand that network so I avoid them like the plague

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