National Enquirer: Scientology’s Secret Celebrity Files

National Enquirer: Scientology's Secret Celebrity Files

Featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer are Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley and John Travolta — all for a story based around the Church of Scientology’s secret celebrity files.

As you may already know, former King of Queens actress Leah Remini left the controversial religion after being interrogated for years alongside her family. It began with a question as to the whereabouts of Scientology leader’s wife Shelly Miscavige.

From the magazine’s report:

A friend told The ENQUIRER that Leah fears retribution from the church, whose membership includes Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

Shortly after Leah quit, Kirstie tweeted: “I take a moment to experience the loss of a person who I thought was my friend…then I say f*** `em.”

Fortunately, Leah’s longtime pal Lisa Marie, 45, promises to be her port in the storm.

The ENQUIRER has all the details on how Lisa is saying she’s there to help Leah through her terror and a exclusive special investigation that reveals even more disturbing practices of the controversial church.

In addition, the magazine claims that Britney Spears has collapsed at the news that her ex-husband Kevin Federline has married his girlfriend Victoria Prince.

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  • tom schmitz

    here’s the thing, i cannot believe and it defies all logic and sanity, that stars and celebrities especially the biggest movie star in the world, would EVER TELL THEIR “DARKEST SECRETS”?!!!!..

    what celebrity much less cruise would tell some auditor ( a stranger basically) for your “religion” ANYTHING that if found out would destroy their lives and careers? regardless if they didn’t know they were secretly being recorded and videotaped and it was supposed to be kept private!

    i mean i’m joe schmoe and a nobody and you think i would tell some auditor (if i was scientologist) or a priest ( if i was catholic) or any other religion with a “confessor” that i “thought of” or “did this” or “fantasized about this” in the area of sex or anything else highly flammable that could ruin me personally and professionally?…heck no, no way, no how, never!!!

    NO ONE in the public would do this if they had a ounce of sanity! and we are to believe these celebrities and the biggest movie star did this willingly and for years?

    in fact, wouldn’t most people (including celebrities) actually be totally weirded out asked anything that personal about their sex life? wouldn’t 99.9999 % of people think “what business is it of yours? “what business is it of this religion” and get the heck out of there so fast it would make their head spin and like i said be weirded out big time?!!

    anyone celebrities or nobodies who did this in scientology (if they did that is) DESERVED WHAT THEY GET FOR SHEER INCOMPREHENSIBLE STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!