National Enquirer: Whitney Houston’s Final Minutes (Photo)

National Enquirer: Whitney Houston's Final Minutes (Photo)

In their latest issue, the National Enquirer attempts to dive into the final moments of Whitney Houston’s life. She was found on February 11th by her aunt in her Beverly Hilton Hotel room. She was submerged underwater in the bathtub after taking Xanax mixed with what appeared to be a Heineken along with some champagne.

The scene of the incident shows the water still in the bathtub where Whitney spent her final moments. Also in the tub was a gravy dish, which was said to be used for olive oil for her skin.

In the time leading up to her untimely death, Whitney ordered a cheeseburger and french fries, which she’d consumed prior to her passing. She had also ordered a turkey sandwich, which she told relatives that she would eat after her bath was finished.

Whitney was said to have had a habit of taking Xanax to calm her nerves before performing any shows. Did Whitney receive some devastating news that caused her final binge? What really happened in that hotel room the day of her death?

Let’s hope that Bobbi Kristina is okay and able to deal with all of this at such a young age. Hang in there, Bobbi, we know it has to be hard.

Whitney’s funeral is set for Saturday in Newark, New Jersey. RIP.

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