NBC Nabbed Casey Anthony’s First Post-Jail Interview?

NBC Nabbed Casey Anthony's First Post-Jail Interview?

Accused murderer Casey Anthony has been laying low, after being rumored to be hiding in Carlsbad, California. Reportedly, her lawyer, Jose Baez, has been negotiating with several networks in an attempt to garner the highest bid for her first post-jail interview.

She was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, earlier this month — and since, she’s gone into hiding. Some of the major networks were throwing around offers for her interview — and the latest we’ve heard was an offer for $1.5 million. The networks were even clamoring to get her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, on television for the sum of $250,000 — an offer that they reportedly laughed at.

TMZ’s head honcho, Harvey Levin, took to his official Twitter account to dispense with the rumors that his company had entered into the bidding war. To avoid any confusion, he tweeted, “we reported the bidding for Casey Anthony is >$1.5 mil. they think TMZ bid on her. We did NOT, would NOT and will NOT. I think NBC got her.”

Since ABC has decided that they will no longer offer money in exchange for photo and video licensing for interviews, we figured they would be out of the equation.

Will you watch Casey Anthony profit from her little girl’s murder? Are you boycotting the network? Sound off in the comments! Let the big guys hear your voice!

Update: NBC is denying that they’ve reached out to Casey with such an offer. Surprised? No one wants that kind of backlash, do they?

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