Never miss a deal on Craigslist again and how to get a better bargain

Never miss a deal on Craigslist again and how to get a better bargain

As the 11th most popular website in America and 50th in the world, buyers and sellers by the millions converge on Craigslist every day hoping to sell or buy anything from houses to dirt and everything, and I mean everything, in between. With 50 billion page views and 60 million users in the US alone, it can be a real challenge to sort through your local postings and find your diamond in the rough.  The truth is there are amazing deals on Craigslist all the time but they get scooped up so fast by lucky people that hardly anyone ever sees them.  And after that great deal is gone, all that’s left is the same old stuff everyone else has looked at and passed over. Well, I don’t have that problem any more now that I’m using a little secret feature of Craigslist to beat my competition to the deals that come and go so quickly.

Most people who use Craigslist are familiar with the Search function it has that allows you to put in a keyword(s) and search all of the local postings for the item (or job or service) you’re looking for.  And when you’re taken to the search results page you either see the “newest” or most “relevant” search results. Of course that’s a good start, but this is where the secret Craigslist feature comes in to play.  Way down at the bottom of the page on the right is a little orange and white link that says “RSS”.  This is the secret to grabbing deals up before most of the world knows they exist!

Example: Someone has a piano in their living room that hasn’t been played in a number of years.  They’re going to be redecorating that room and it has to go.  So either they hirer movers for $500 to come pick it up OR they list it on Craigslist for free.  Sound far fetched? This actually happens more often than you think. My sister-in-law has a piano in her living room that she got for free off of Craigslist.  She loves to tell the story of how she was the first person to email back the owner and to get her committed to holding it for my sister-in-law until her husband could pick it up that night.  There is something powerful about being the first person to contact a seller (or giver in this case).

So how does this orange and white “RSS” help me grab deals? It’s really simple but it takes another step.  You see, if you just click on the RSS at the bottom of the search results, you’re linked to a web page that looks like a jumbled bunch of non-sense.  In actuality, if you have an RSS reader that non-sense link is your golden ticket.  This is because there is a website called that uses that RSS link in Craigslist to notify a user of new items appearing in a Craigslist search.  RSS works by continually checking with Craigslist to see if something new has shown up in any search or catagory or topic you choose.  Once something new appears, RSS alerts you through the reader that there’s a new item.  These new items are where the under priced, too good to be true, amazing deals get snatched up, so the sooner you see them the faster you can call or email about them.  In the game of getting a great deal on anything on Craigslist, speed is the key.

Steps to getting the best deals on Craigslist:

1) Sign-up for an RSS feed reader

2) Search for desired item or posting on Craigslist

3) Copy the Craigslist RSS link to your RSS feed reader

4) Monitor the feed reader for new items alerts.

There is no limit to how many RSS feeds you can create for Craigslist. So even if you’re in the market for free pianos, antiques, cars, boats, computers, phones, strollers and tickets all at the same time, you can set up individual feeds for each search.  Try it and you’ll see how amazing this secret tool is.



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