New Girl Recap: Season 1 Episode 14 ‘Bully’ 2/21/12

New Girl Recap: Season 1 Episode 14 'Bully' 2/21/12

Tonight Fox’s new hot comedy “New Girl” returns with more laughs! In this episode, poor Jess has to deal with a bully in her classroom and if we know Jess she is going to find a creative and less offensive way to handle the situation.

Nick and Julia are still having awkward new relationship boundry issues that they are trying to deal with in an adult manner. While Schmidt and Cece are still having fun in the sack but keeping it secret from the rest of the gang. Schmidt is usually the type of guy to brag about all his noches on his belt so I am sure keeping the beautiful Cece from all his best friends.

Join us tonight as we live recap the show to find out how Jess deals with the bully and how Nick and Julia keep their relationship strong and if everyone will find out about Cece and Schmidt sexual romance.

Zooey Deschanel as Jess
Jake Johnson as Nick
Max Greenfield as Schmidt
Lamorne Morris as Winston
Hannah Simone as Cece

Description: Jess deals with a bully in her classroom; Nick frets when Julia sends him a cactus; and Schmidt’s new love interest insists on keeping their relationship a secret.


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