New Girl Season 1 Live Recap Episode 6, ‘Thanksgiving’ 11/15/11

New Girl Season 1 Live Recap Episode 6, ‘Thanksgiving’ 11/15/11

Tonight’s New Girl episode has a new cast member that we are all going to love, including Jess. If you’ve missed last week’s episode, you can check out the recap here.

Justin Long joins the rest of the cast tonight for a very special Thanksgiving episode that’s going to rock your socks off or maybe it will rock your feathers off. Join us here tonight for the live recap of the show.

This evening we join Jess out on the stage in her costume at school and is talking with one of the other teachers, Paul, played by Justin Long, as they prepare for their debut.

Check out the rest of the official recap at our sister site, Tragicomical!

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