New True Blood Season Finale ‘And When I Die’ Sneak Peek Video

New True Blood Season Finale 'And When I Die' Sneak Peek Video

The season finale for True Blood is upon us on Sunday night — and Earsucker has a preview for the episode, titled, And When I Die! This post contains obvious spoilers for this weekend’s episode of the show, so click after the jump at your own risk! Also, check out our penultimate episode recap HERE.

As the preview opens, we see Sam at Tommy’s gravesite, mourning the loss of his brother, Tommy. Then, he’s joined by Maxine Fortenberry, who calls Tommy a “devious little son of a b*tch”, but says, “but somewhere in there he had a good heart” and said that she was one of the people who got to see that.

She relates to Sam that Tommy told her that Sam shooting him was the best thing that ever happened to him because it brought him to her and the Lord. Afterward, she called him a “sweet boy” and informed Sam that Tommy stole a bunch of her clothes and jewelry.

Does Sam realize that Tommy shifted into Maxine and stole her money from her property?

Check out the preview video, below:

Are you excited for the season finale? Is Marnie going to kill Jesus? Stay tuned as we liveblog the show Sunday night!

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