New ‘True Blood’ Season Four Trailer (Video)

New 'True Blood' Season Four Trailer (Video)

Now that Russell Edgington has been done away with, the vampires of Bon Temps, Louisiana have to win back the good graces of the human population. And it all begins with a smille!

Vampire sheriff of area five, Eric Northman does a campaign video saying that there have been a lot of politicians warning their constituents not to trust vampires, and he just wants the vamps to be treated the same as humans.

Check out the video:

The new season premieres on June 26, 2011 on HBO. Season four will show Eric being cursed by witches and suffering amnesia. According to the books, he goes into hiding with Sookie Stackhouse, and he’s a completely different vampire, devoid of vamp politics and riches. He looks to Sookie for guidance and protection from the witches (Hallow?) who are after his wealth and property.

Along with that, Jason Stackhouse gets bitten over and over by werepanthers in Hotshot. After he gets bitten repeatedly, he turns into a shifter.

Waiting sucks!

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