Nick Cannon Has Filed For Divorce From Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon Has Filed For Divorce From Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey, according to a new report from TMZ. He snuck off to the courts in December 2014 and filed the paperwork to break ties with Carey officially. TMZ reports:

The timing is interesting. We found out Nick filed papers December 12. The date is relevant because on December 2, Mariah showed up 3 hours late to tape a segment for the NBC tree-lighting special.

At the time we posted a story … Mariah was on the phone with her lawyers going over the terms of her property settlement. That syncs up with Nick filing papers a week later, after they hashed out a deal.

He got out before she signed her super lucrative deal with Caesars Palace for her Las Vegas residency. So, that’s a huge bonus for her. Reportedly, she was trying to take some last ditch efforts in order to win Cannon back with some high priced presents, but he wasn’t biting. In fact, we’ve heard that he was just happy to get out of the relationship after having the taste of freedom from her diva ways.

She has reportedly always been a diva, but he wouldn’t place any of the blame on her publicly for the breakdown of their marriage. In fact, on Twitter, he always defended his estranged wife despite the mounting evidence that she was a diva who was pushing him away with all of her eccentricities.

Either way, now that he has officially filed for divorce, the two of them can get moving in their personal lives. Kudos to him for knowing when to get out and leave an obviously bad situation despite the obvious perks.

What do you think of their divorce? Do you think that there is more to this story then previously let on? Are we not getting the full story? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Photo Credit: Loren Javier via Flickr]

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