Nick Cannon talks Mariah Carey wedding and babies!

Nick Cannon talks Mariah Carey wedding and babies!

Mariah Carey gave birth to her and husband Nick Cannon’s twins on Saturday, April 30th, just three years to the day that they got married to each other! What an anniversary gift!

Still, he says that it’s not one he’s ever going to be able to top! After the birth of their babies, Nick took to his official Twitter account to say, “My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life! I won’t ever be able to top this!”

He went on to say, “Thank you to @THEREVAL who came all the way to the hospital to renew me and my wife’s vows and pray with our children. Yep we just had a wedding in the hospital!”

He also retweeted some messages from the reverend, who stated that he held a ceremony for the happy couple to renew their vows in the hospital.

Congratulations to them!!

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