Nick Jonas wants to be President & a Grammy winner

Nick Jonas has some pretty awesome hopes for his future. The singer says that he wants to be President of the United States, but first, he wants to win a Grammy.

He said that he has always been determined to succeed and has the nickname Mr. Prez. He said, “It was a joke at first. Then, I thought, ‘Man, it actually would be cool to run for president one day.’ I’ve always been quite driven. I take after my father. He’s a driven person. He’s also a leader. He does a great job as a mentor to all of us.”

Right now, however, Nick will settle for winning a Grammy. He added, “I hope my peers in music and my friends are liking my solo album, I hope they can see my growth in music. It’s a dream of mine to win a Grammy one day. I’m not saying I’m Grammy worthy, but it would be a dream come true.”

What do you think of Nick Jonas, President and Grammy award winning musician? Anything can happen, right?

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