Nicki Sterling Comments On Courtney Robertson’s Wedding Dress Photos

Nicki Sterling Comments On Courtney Robertson's Wedding Dress Photos

On Wednesday, The Bachelor finalist Courtney Robertson was photographed in Beverly Hills trying on wedding dresses. This hasn’t really shocked anyone considering that she’s already been rumored to have won the show and is said to be engaged to the show’s star, Ben Flajnik.

Now, the newly ousted contestant, Nicki Sterling, has something to say about the bold display from the model. She says that she is shocked by the pictures and the idea that Courtney will win Ben’s heart.

In a new interview, she said, “I’d have to chew on that for a little while. I don’t even know. I’m kind of shocked right now. I’m sorry, wow, my mouth is open right now.”

Was that a publicity stunt by Courtney — or perhaps a photo shoot? Either way, it’s obviously sticking the knife in that much further for Nicki, who was seemingly very interested in winning Ben’s heart.

As far as a publicity stunt, Nicki said, “I would hope and pray that is not the case. There are no words to describe how horrible that would be. I mean, somebody’s heart is on the line. And not just somebody’s, but it’s Ben who I care deeply about. I cannot believe that anyone – even as manipulative as Courtney – would take it that far. I would hope not.”

What do you think?

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