Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Going Through $175 Million Divorce

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Going Through $175 Million Divorce

According to “Star” magazine’s latest issue, Australian actress Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband Keith Urban are calling it quits with their marriage. We highly doubt that any of this nonsense is true, but it is fun to allow them their silly speculation, isn’t it?

The tabloid reports that there is constant fighting between Nicole and Keith, jealous rages and they haven’t had sex for years. They have two daughters together, Sunday and Faith, but apparently everything is falling apart between them.

Keith’s face looks so Photoshopped and Nicole looks like a puffy lipped alien. It’s weird that the magazines actually pay for someone to take care of airbrushing and the celebrities come out looking so morphed and weird. What do you think? Someone needs to be fired for making Keith and Nicole look so strange…

Also featured in this issue is Hollywood’s most hated celebrities. Can you take any guesses as to who would be at the top of that list? We’re guessing Justin Bieber’s name is up there with Chris Brown and anyone with the last name Kardashian. Just a guess, really.

In addition, the magazine features a story on Jennie Garth’s public breakdown. Lastly, there’s a piece on Kendall Jenner stating the obvious: her mother Kris is a drunk. Derp. Tell us all something that we didn’t already know.

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