Nik Wallenda Does Two Very Dangerous Tightrope Walks

Nik Wallenda Does Two Very Dangerous Tightrope Walks

Nik Wallenda, who is world famous for doing a lot of daredevil stunts, did complete two very dangerous tightrope walks with the absence of a safety net. These two tightrope walks, one blindfolded completely, were done successfully by Wallenda, and they were in between two two-hundred meter towers. These performances of his were broadcast live on the internet and on the Discovery Channel as well. These very amazing tightrope walks took place 500 feet above ground and between two skyscrapers above the Chicago River in Chicago, Illinois.

Wallenda was never alone for a moment during these very risky and death-defying walks. He had his father talking to him the whole time, plus he had the loving support of his family and friends, in addition to the caring of an entire global community in Chicago and everywhere around the world. There were thousands of cheering onlookers in Chicago and countless others across the globe watching nervously as the daredevil did each of his walks with pure skill and precision that is distinctly his alone.

The first walk that Wallenda did took him approximately under seven minutes in length and it streched 454 feet. This walk was stretched along from the west tower and was situated on a 19-degree incline. Wallenda did seem to develop himself a loyal fan base and he commented on the very nosey and cheering crowd down below the high wire.

He revealed, “I do love Chicago and whole lot. They seem to love me too. What an amazing roar!” It was estimated that more than 50,000 people had gathered outside to witness Wallenda’s death-defying walks on the high-wire way up.

The second walk that Wallenda did, he did totally blindfolded, and this was a 94-feet long stroll between the two Marina City towers. He totally thrilled and dazzled the crowd on the ground below with this twice as dangerous stunt. This is because his eyes were covered during the walk and all he had was his father’s voice as guide. He also had his wielding pole and a noise ping that he was able to follow.

Nik Wallenda is without a doubt, a very great and talented daredevil, and a very real entertainer/champion who has managed to break more world records with these death-defying walks.

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