Nikki Sixx Urinated In A Police Car

Because that’s what rock stars do! Right?

Nope, that’s just what Nikki Sixx did in his early Motley Crue days…the sicko. We’d expect this from Tommy Lee, but Nikki? Come on.

Tommy says, “There was this unmanned cop car parked in the alley behind the Whisky, and Nikki picked up this stick and smashed in the f**king window. He took a p*ss inside the f**king cop car.”

The LAPD is not amused at the 25-year-old antics. A spokesperson for the police says, “It’s not clear whether this is still an open case or whether the officer involved closed it out. If it’s still open, it will be investigated.”

No one puts the LAPD in a corner!

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Nikki Sixx Urinated In A Police Car was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • shaneblank

    Yeah sure, whatever dude. Pathetic. desperate n’ Trying to get press are we? Isn’t Nikki a dad now? with Daughters? I hope someone takes a hot piss in their mouths.

  • JT

    I think the statute of limitations would have run out on this act of criminal mischief by now.

  • nicole

    nikki sixx is nikki sixx. he can do whatever the fuck he wants..he’s like god (ha)

  • Wildchild

    OMG please! This was like 100 yrs ago. Back in the early ’80’s maybe even the late’70’s.
    Nikki’s done a lot of other things you could talk about both good and bad.
    Get over it!

  • Kenzie Martin

    Nikki Sixx is the best. He can do whatever he wants. He is so fucking AMAZING AND HOT