Nude Jake Gyllenhaal Photo Branded A Fake! (Photo)

Nude Jake Gyllenhaal Photo Branded A Fake! (Photo)

Just yesterday, a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal in his underwear circulated across the internet, as he was said to be paying homage to Grace Jones’ famous pose. Now, we’ve learned that the photo is a fake!

Some photo experts are weighing in on the controversial picture, saying that it’s not actually the actor!

His rep weighed in, saying, “It’s a fake.”

A photo expert said, “The skin tones are really good, but the shadows are completely off. Look how there aren’t any against the wall, or along the body anywhere. It’s a fake.”

Another said, “Also, the hand. It’s off, it shows the photo’s been doctored.”

Are you sad that you don’t get to see the real Jake in his undies? Jake hasn’t really been in the news that much lately, except for the promotion of his latest movie, Source Code. This would have been a nice treat, if it were real, don’t you think?

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