O.J. Simpson Crime Detective Blew The Case

O.J. Simpson Crime Detective Blew The Case

According to the latest issue of Globe magazine, the lead detective in O.J. Simpson’s murder trial blew the case. After his passing, it was revealed that he blew the probe that led to O.J. being acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her pal, Ron Goldman.

On the cover, they tout “bloody crime scene secrets the detective took to the grave.”

Also featured in this issue is Wheel Of Fortune host, Pat Sajak’s “booze battle”. I would hardly call it a battle when he just admitted to tossing back margaritas with Vanna White in between show tapings.

In addition, the tabloid claims that Whitney Houston is broke. The tabloid reveals that “drug dealers stole her $100 million fortune.”

Lastly, Garth Brooks has gotten revenge on a hospital after donating $500,000 to them with the promise of getting their women’s center named after his mother, Colleen. He took the matter to court and got his money back.

So basically, they are telling us that O.J. was guilty of murder (Duh!), Pat Sajak likes to drink (obvious), Whitney Houston has no money and Garth Brooks sued a hospital. Does any of this make for good reading? Hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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