Octomom Nadya Suleman Hasn’t Had Sex In 12 Years!

Octomom Nadya Suleman Hasn't Had Sex In 12 Years!

Mother of eight, Nadya Suleman has revealed that she’s been celibate for the past twelve years. Given the fact that she looks like a caricature of an Angelina Jolie clone, I can understand that. But — she didn’t always look so puffy lipped and smooth faced.

Still, even though she’s got fourteen children, she says she’s never dated. What?!? How is that even possible???

On HDNet’s upcoming celebrity dating show, Nadya talks about dating and sex, natch. She said, “I’ve been celibate for twelve years! I’ve never been on one date in my life. I’ve had a boyfriend and a donor, but that’s it.”

As far as finding love on a reality show is concerned, you can look at Nadya, but try not to touch! She revealed, “As long as he doesn’t touch me, we’re good! No touching! A hand, maybe. I’m a germaphobe.”

That’s a scary thought in itself. Can this big-lipped mother of fourteen find true love on a dating show? We think she’s only on the show for the money. What do you think?

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