Octomom Needs A New House To Fit Her Family

Octomom Nadya Suleman is now trying to find a brand new house to fit her and her brood of 14 children. That has got to be a pretty tough task!

It also has to meet whatever she wants to be into it. She should really try not to be picky when she is finding a house to fit 15 people. She put her house in La Habra, California up for sale in September. That house was really trashed when she listed it. So I can’t really imagine anyone wanting to fork over what she wants for it. She had a couple of offers and she accepted none of them because they weren’t high enough.

She says she has three things that need to meet her requirements for her new home; First, she wants a house with a gate to block off the unwanted attention from the media circus she created. Second, she needs a house she can afford (because her last one was foreclosed upon). Third and most obvious, She needs to have a home big enough to house her entire family.

Yes, but will she able to pay the bills this time? Is there a place in California that is big enough to house 15 people with some nannies helping out?

Photo Credit: Enrique RC, PacificCoastNews.com

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