OK! Magazine Cover: Ashley Hebert Stabbed In The Heart (Photo)

OK! Magazine Cover: Ashley Hebert Stabbed In The Heart (Photo)

On the cover of the June 20th issue of OK! magazine, The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert is “stabbed in the heart”. According to the publication, Bentley Williams humiliated Ashley in front of America, but she’s still pursuing him!

Does this girl need her head examined??? Or does the drama just make for good ratings?

In the beginning of the show, Ashley was informed by a friend that Bentley wasn’t there for the right reasons. So, instead of just letting him pass on by without a rose, she gives him one. She was warned!

So, this jerk talks smack behind her back, because he’s obviously not that into her. Then, he lies to her face and tells her that he has to get home to his daughter, Cozy.

Also featured on the cover is the Twilight wedding, Teen Mom Maci Bookout eloping and a story about Mob Wives’ amazing makeover.

What do you think of the Ashley/Bentley drama? I’ve heard reports that it’s not even over yet! Since he really didn’t offer any closure on the show, there’s always room for this twit to weasle his way back in.

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