OK! Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant! (Photo)

OK! Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant! (Photo)

There have been quite a lot of rumors going around since the dawn of time about the occupants of Jennifer Aniston’s uterus, so this week is no different. OK! magazine decided it was time for them to plant a baby there.

It’s a shame really that they don’t have the time (?) or the creativity to come up with anything other than another lame old story about Jen is getting pregnant, adopting, planning twins, getting married, rinse, repeat

Doesn’t it get old when they lose all originality and since they obviously missed a deadline for the Amanda Knox story, they go straight to a “Jen is knocked up” story. It’s sad, really.

Do you think that if Jennifer were actually pregnant, that she would go to a tabloid like OK! magazine with her happy news? Methinks not.

Are we all so preoccupied with this crap that we want to read about her fake pregnancies, adoptions and wedding rumors all of the time?!?

What’s the fascination, people??? I don’t get it. When and if Jennifer decides to put up a “No Vacancy” sign on her girl parts, then we’ll know for 100% sure that she let Justin Theroux put a baby in there. At this point, that’s the only sign we’re taking as confirmation.

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