OK! Magazine: Katie Holmes Is Pregnant!

No, Katie Holmes is not pregnant

Katie Holmes did a little bit of shopping on Mother’s Day, so naturally, she was followed by a metric ton of paparazzi. So when Katie looked like she was showing a tiny bit of a baby bump, all of the tabloids jumped all over it. Now, we can add OK! magazine into the mix. Oh the joy!

Apparently, none of them got the memo that Katie’s rep has already issued a statement debunking any pregnancy rumors. So she basically headed off OK! at the pass.

Her rep, Ina Treciokas, said yesterday, “She’s not pregnant and this photo looks doctored.”

Perhaps someone should’ve alerted OK! with their “It’s Official!” headline, making it look like they’re confirming the news of her pregnancy, with a happy Katie on the cover.

Xenu would not be pleased by this trickery. And besides that, do we really need another Suri Cruise in our lives just yet?

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