OK Magazine: Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Married?

OK Magazine: Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Married?

Ryan Gosling and his girlfriend Eva Mendes are featured on this week’s edition of “OK!” magazine and apparently these two have gone off and tied the knot — if the magazine is to be believed. As you may know, Eva and Ryan have already welcomed a baby daughter into the world, but have they taken the plunge together?

So far they have been pretty secretive about everything going on in their personal lives. Eva was said to be pregnant, but the couple never even bothered to confirm nor deny the rumors. We have heard several sources say that Eva has given birth and that they are both over the moon, but neither of them have come forward to comment on the reports.

Now, “OK!” wants us to believe that they are married after having a secret wedding in Canada. In addition, despite the reports circulating that Eva gave birth to a baby girl, the magazine states that they’ve had a boy. Lastly, they have a quote on the cover of which they have attributed to Ryan, saying plainly, “I’ve never felt this happy!”

The magazine also has a small cover piece on some drama going down with the Royal family. This celeb mystery battle involves Duchess Kate, Duchess Camilla and Prince Harry and involves some jealousy, backstabbing and affairs.

In addition, the tabloid has the supposed scoop on the budding feud between country singer Taylor Swift and her apparent arch nemesis Katy Perry. What was the real deal behind their feud?

Lastly, the magazine reports that country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are in a battle to save their marriage. They have gotten reports surrounding these two wrong in the past, so we don’t doubt that history is repeating itself. In the past, the tabloids have attributed drinking problems to the dissipation of their marriage, but they are still together — thus, debunking the gossip of an impending divorce.

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