OK! Magazine: Secrets Of Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Revealed!

OK! Magazine: Secrets Of Kim Kardashian's Wedding Revealed!

Kim Kardashian’s wedding day is slowly inching by on August 20th, so we still got to hear every last detail about it until three weeks afterward. It’s like the coming of the apocalypse, we all know when it’s near, we’re dreading it and the hooligans are running the show.

And because Kim and her family aren’t on nearly enough magazine covers, they’re gracing the cover of the latest issue of OK! magazine where they talk about MORE DETAILS BEING REVEALED! God help us all.

OK! Magazine reports:

Naturally, Kim is leaning heaviest on her beloved sisters Kourtney, 32, and Khloe, 27.

“Kim’s so happy,” Khloe joked to OK!. “Honestly, Kim is someone who has thought of her wedding from the day she was born.”

Likely one of the most prepared and calm brides of all time, Kim has still kept her sisters involved in all of her plans. The girls have tasted wedding cakes with Kim, given their opinions on the menu and music, and chimed in on all the wedding attire.

Sex tape star = route to fame. Lesson learned?

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