OK! Magazine: The Plan To Get Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Back Together (Photo)

OK! Magazine: The Plan To Get Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Back Together (Photo)

According to OK! magazine, Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, is trying to rekindle the old flames between her daughter and former fiancee, Ben Affleck! Could Bennifer work again?

A source said, “They’re talking”, with a pal of J-Lo’s confirming, “They’ve spoken more than once.”

A friend of Guadalupe’s said, “She was devastated when the engagement was called off.”

So much, in fact, that she’s trying to plant the idea of contacting Ben in Jennifer’s head….as a friend, of course. The snitch revealed, “She is already trying to plant the seed in Jennifer’s brain that she should reach out to Ben as a friend. Guadalupe knows he’s married, and it’s not like she’s telling her daughter to have an affair. But she’s hoping that Ben and J. Lo, who have stayed in touch occasionally over teh years, can be there for each other to help ease the pain of divorce. Then, when that period passes, maybe they’ll get back together if he’s available again. And truth be told, I don’t think J. Lo hates the idea, either.”

Do you think that would work out a second time? What do you think of the idea of them possibly getting back together? We somewhat doubt that Guadalupe’s plan will ever come to fruition, Ben and Jennifer Garner seem super happy together. What do you think?

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