Olympic figure skating music is downright awful

Uh oh, uhoh uhoh... Uh oh, uhoh uhoh... Break it down.It may be the 2010 Olympics, but the music selection for figure skating is clearly trapped in the past. While the athletic skill of ice skating has evolved dramatically over the years (take your double axel laziness and go home, the triple axel standard will eventually herald the quadruple axel kickflip), it seems the music chosen for the skaters to choreograph their routines is “safe” and uninspired.

Let me give you a few examples of what passes for current music taste: The German pair Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy dressed up in harlequin and chose “Send in the Clowns” originally composed in 1973. A pleasant piece, but rather boring and not very energetic. Or how about The Canadians Jessica Dube and partner Bryce Davison who chose the title song from the 2000 movie Requiem for a Dream — a fairly recent song that’s still a decade old. Why bother mentioning the litany of 18th and 19th century classical pieces that make it less of an athletic competition and more of a string of ballet performances?

I know it’s a bit rude to say that these music choices are bland, considering how dedicated these athletes are to their craft, but is it too much to wonder if maybe their choreographers can put down the phonograph and pick up an iPod with some recent dance music with more than 70 beats per minute? Bad Romance by Lady Gaga or even some Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails or Black Eyed Peas. JaQuel Knight (Beyonce’s choreographer) could assist in dance routines. That would be a musical ice performance that would surely wake up the crowd (and perhaps the judges).

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