Once Upon A Time Episode 2 ‘The Thing You Love Most’ Review

Once Upon A Time Episode 2 'The Thing You Love Most' Recap

Tonight is an all new episode of the hit show Once Upon A Time. This episode is titled, The Thing You Love Most. In it, we will find out what the Evil Queen has had to sacrifice in order to send all of the characters to Storybrooke, Maine.

Tonight, Regina attempts to rid Storybrooke of Emma and keep her out of Henry’s life. So what did the Evil Queen have to give up to make her evil plan go as she wanted?

This evenings episode begins with Henry watching the town clock tower from his window. He is satisfied knowing that Emma is here and is going to save everyone in Storybrooke.

Regina reads through Henry’s fairytale book and realizes that there are pages missing from the book. She confronts Henry about the missing pages and claims she is very upset that he thinks she is evil and does not care for him.

The clock tower chimes and Henry rushes out to see the clock work. Regina is not happy at all about the tower working. Regina pays a visit to Emma with a basket of apples. Emma tells Regina that she is planning on sticking around for a while. Regina is not happy with this and she once again threatens Emma.

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UPDATE: Check out photos and a sneak preview from episode three, Snow Falls, HERE!

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