Once Upon A Time Recap 4/6/14: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Once Upon A Time Recap 4/6/14: It's Not Easy Being Green

Tonight on ABC is an all new episode of “Once Upon A Time”, titled “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. As we have previously told you, this particular episode centers itself on the storyline of Wicked Witch Zelena and her origin story from Oz. Have you been keeping up with the show? If not, you can check out last week’s official recap here.

Episode synopsis:

Zelena challenges Regina to a duel to the death, but also tells her about their familial connection. Meanwhile, the townsfolk mourn Neal’s passing; and in Oz, Zelena wants to be sent to fairy-tale land after learning that she has a sister who is being trained by Rumplestiltskin.


In addition to all of that goodness, we may even get to see more details on the courtship between the Evil Queen and Robin Hood. Now that would be something worth watching!

As always, stay tuned for our live recap of the show as it goes live at 8PM EST. We’ll be watching the show so that you don’t have to. Keep up with the latest “Once Upon A Time” news right here at Earsucker.


The show kicks off with a couple wandering through the woods to find a baby. Then it is revealed that the baby moves a tree branch out of the way. They name the baby Zelena and we see that they are walking through Oz on the yellow brick road.

Back in Storybrooke, the town’s folk are burying Neal. In the meantime, Zelena is holding Rumplestiltkin’s sword and she asks him if his son was really worth all of that trouble.

In the past again, we see Zelena shaving her adoptive father’s face with a blade and she accidentally cuts him. She tries to heal him with a wave of her hand, but he gets angry and calls her wicked. He denies being her father and tells her how they found her in the woods dropped out of a tornado. He demands that she make him breakfast and she tells him no and that she’s leaving to go see the wizard of Oz.

Back in Storybrooke, Killian is telling Emma how to deal with her grief over Neal’s death. At Granny’s, Tinkerbell tells Regina that she should’ve been more open to the possibility of love with Robin Hood. Zelena arrives out of the blue to pay her respects to Neal.

Zelena tells everyone that she is there to pay a visit to her little sister, Regina. She tells Regina that Cora lied to her when she told her she was an only child. After Regina digs into her past, she wants her to meet her on Main Street for a showdown in the “Wicked West”.

Killian is talking to Henry about Neal aboard the Jolly Roger. Regina has no idea why her mother never mentioned Zelena and what she did to her, possibly during their missing year.

In Oz, Zelena goes to see the wizard and he has been expecting her. He offers to help her find her family. He shows her Cora abandoning her because she couldn’t give her the one thing that she wished, which was to become royalty. She shows her Regina, who did eventually become Queen. Like Zelena, Regina also has the gift of magic. Rumplestiltskin taught Regina and now Zelena wants the same.

She wants Rumple to teach her about magic, so the wizard gives her shoes to click three times in order to be transported to Rumple’s world. When Rumple goes to visit Regina, he sees Zelena and verifies that she is Cora’s older daughter.

In Storybrooke, Regina is searching for answers and finds a letter from someone stating that Zelena is her sister. She tells Emma and Snow that it’s her fight and she’s got it handled.

Emma tells everyone that they are going to help Regina whether she likes it or not. Belle offers to try and get through to Rumple without his dagger. Meanwhile, Robin Hood sneaks up behind Regina because he decided to patrol the woods. He pickpockets her letter to read it aloud. Regina always thought she was the most powerful sorceress and the letter was from Rumple about Zelena. Apparently he feels that Zelena is the stronger of the two.

Back in Fairytale land, Rumple tells Zelena about the curse. He trains her on her power and she is very jealous that Regina got everything she ever wanted. She focuses her energy on her anger and she is able to find Rumplestiltskin because of that. Then, he tells her to think of a happy moment. For her, it was the moment she started to feel like someone who wasn’t wanted.

In Storybrooke, Belle and everyone find Rumplestiltskin in the cellar. She tries to get him to leave, but he can’t unless he believes. Zelena shows up with the dagger and Rumple tells her to run! He creeps out to tell everyone a message from Zelena that he will kill them if they try to interfere.

Killian is telling Henry about his father and the sextant and how he taught him how to use it. He wants to know all about his father, but he’s confused. He tells Henry that he taught Neal about sailing because he’d just lost his father, as well.

Zelena is gearing up for her battle with Regina in Storybrooke, but in the meantime, we find about Rumple and Zelena. She made him a meat pie and he says he can’t stay because he’s still training Regina. She is so envious of Regina that she is turning green!

In Storybrooke, Zelena threatens to let the Dark One off of his leash if Regina doesn’t show herself. Emma offers to fight Zelena and Rumple raises a hand and she falls backward. Regina shows up and asks what she ever did to her…Zelena responds, “It’s obvious…you were born.”

Back in Fairytale land, Zelena holds a blade to Regina’s throat — but it’s actually Rumple. He tricks her into believing it’s Regina but it was him. He teaches her about jealousy….and the curse. Zelena can’t cast the curse because she can’t give up the thing she loves most — him. She says that she could’ve taken him anywhere he wanted — even a land without magic (with her slippers). She clicks her heels and she’s out of there.

They battle it out and Zelena throws Regina into the clock tower. She tries to destroy Regina by taking her heart, but Regina has already taken it out and buried it. Zelena already has Charming’s courage and is after Regina’s heart…they’re ingredients.

Regina runs to the woods to find her heart with Robin Hood and he hands it to her. She gives him her heart to hold onto and protect. He tells her that she still owes him that drink and she says that she supposes she does.

Zelena puts Rumple back in his cage in the cellar and he tells her that if he had to do it all over again, he would still choose Regina. She tells him that she isn’t casting a curse, but a second chance. She goes back to the wizard to ask him to travel back in time to the point in time when her mother abandoned her.

She pulls the curtain on the wizard to find a man named Walsh. He is a collector of magic items. She turns Walsh into her first flying monkey. Zelena sees Rumple training Regina and says that she’s going to make it to where Regina will never be born.

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