Once Upon A Time Recap: ‘7:15 AM’ 1/22/12

Once Upon A Time Recap: '7:15 AM' 1/22/12

Last week the TV’s were a buzz with the new episode of Once Upon A Time! In case you missed the show for the full recap click here. Last night we saw Emma make some ground breaking changes in Storybrooke even if it did seem a rather minor change. She is changing the way the people in Storybrooke think and act. Was Henry right when he foretold Emma will make the changes needed for the people of Storybrooke to go back to Fairytale land and make everything all right again?

Who knows for now but at the end of last week’s episode a stranger has rode into to town. He must be a special stranger being that according to Henry and his storybook no one but Emma can depart or enter Storybrooke. Will this stranger be good or evil? Regina and Emma are both questioning this new stranger and his agenda.

Could the new guy be back up for Emma not only in Storybrooke but in Fairytale land too? You will have to stay tuned for this week’s episode for some of these answers.


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