Once Upon A Time Recap: Season 1 Episode 16 ‘Heart Of Darkness’ 3/18/12

Once Upon A Time Recap: Season 1 Episode 16 'Heart Of Darkness' 3/18/12

Tonight ABC’s Once Upon A Time returns with an all new episode that will make you wonder what’s going to happen next. If you missed last week’s episode you click here for the full recap! Last week Emma managed to clear David of being a suspect in his wife Kathryn’s disappearance. Unfortunately, Mary Margaret is the new suspect in for questioning since Ruby found a box with a live heart in it and the fingerprints on the box belong to Mary.

Looks like Mary Margaret not only has a broken heart from David, but now she is being accused of murder. This week it appears that Emma is going to have her hands full trying to prove Mary Margaret’s innocence. Tonight we will get the answers to some of these questions.


Once Upon a Time once again focuses on Snow White and Charming in the fairytale world. After calling off his wedding to Abigail and reuniting her with Frederick, Charming sets off in search of Snow, who no longer remembers him. He races to try and stop her from assassinating the Queen, as the forgetful potion has also made her slightly unhinged. In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret must deal with being labelled a murder suspect and hires Mr. Gold as her lawyer.

Join our sister site for the live recap tonight at 8pm. Continue to refresh the page this evening for the latest details.


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