Once Upon A Time Recap: Season Finale Episode ‘A Land Without Magic’ 5/13/12

Once Upon A Time Recap: Season Finale Episode 'A Land Without Magic' 5/13/12

This evening we are going to see ABC’s new hit drama “Once Upon A Time” come to an end. The season finale titled “A Land Without Magic” is going to hold some surprises and maybe tie up some loose ends. Last week we saw that Emma still doesn’t believe in magic, but maybe at the end where Henry drops to the floor after tasting the apple turnover that Regina gave to Emma as a truce between them will make her start to wonder. If you missed the show last week read the recap here!

We will watch tonight to see if Regina and Emma can race to find a cure to wake our beloved Henry up. In the process, will Emma start to believe in magic and realize that she is the town’s savior? Will Henry die in order for Emma to defeat Regina? How will Snow White and Prince Charming take the castle and kingdom back?

Join us tonight as we live recap the show and don’t forget to refresh the page often so you can enjoy all the magic while it happens.

Regina and Emma share common cause when they try to find a cure for Henry. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world James tries to escape the Queen’s dungeon and save Snow… unaware that he’s too late.


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