Once Upon A Time Season Premiere Recap and Sneak Peek Video

Once Upon A Time Season Premiere Recap and Sneak Peek Video

“Once Upon A Time” airs tonight at 8pm on ABC and they have graciously allowed a few minute screening of it before the show starts. Check out the video below to get your sneak peek.

The show is divided into two worlds, Fairytale and Storybrooke which is where all the magic is played out. There are also alot of characters in this show to keep track of. The show starts out after Prince Charming has awakened the beautiful Show White from her sleeping curse and they are formally getting married. At the wedding the The Evil Queen shows up to ruin their happy ending by performing a curse upon the land that will send it’s inhabitants to a very terrible place.

In Fairytale world the first of the major characters of course is “Prince Charming” himself, played by Josh Dallas, and he is everything you want in a prince! He’s pure at heart, tall, handsome, big and strong and is looking for a damsel in distress to save. Josh Dallas also plays John Doe in Storybrooke as a man that has been comatose for a lengthy amount of time and no one knows who he is, what happen to him or where he comes from.

Check out the rest of the recap at our sister site, Tragicomical!

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