Oprah Calls Kim Kardashian A Phony!

Oprah Calls Kim Kardashian A Phony!

This is just one of the reasons that I love the National Enquirer. They put these LOLtastic stories out there and you just can’t help but to laugh. One reason is because there is a likelihood that the story is true. In this case, we pray that it is.

According to their latest magazine cover, Oprah is putting Kim Kardashian on blast for her recent “charity” trip to Haiti. Per their cover story:

“Kim insults the locals & spends a fortune pampering herself” and “Oprah roughs it with the refugees.”

While there, Oprah was hanging out with Sean Penn, along with some refugees. Meanwhile, an inset photo says that Kim was spending her time at a fashion show.

Did Kim just make the trek to Haiti for the positive PR following her split from Kris Humphries?

Also featured in this issue, The X Factor USA cast-off Rachel Crow is getting revenge against Nicole Scherzinger for her elimination from the show?

In addition to that, there’s a Royal scandal brewing! According to the tabloid, Prince William is actually in love with his wife’s sister, Pippa Middleton! Royal gossip, we love it!

What do you think of all of the claims? Is Kim a phony? Is Rachel plotting against Nicole? Is Prince William in love with Pippa? Sound off with your thoughts, in the comments!

Photo Credit: National Enquirer

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