No Grammy lovin’ for Beyonce?

And the poll numbers are in! So far it’s not looking too good for Beyonce, who is dead last in the poll of who the public is most excited about seeing perform at the Grammy Awards. At this time, the Foo Fighters are tied with Carrie Underwood at 28%.
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Jewel’s career must be going south, or she just plain sucks

Apparently, Jewel’s career has taken a serious downturn. Or, nothing spells success like hosting a chili cook-off! Anyways, I’ve only known a couple of her songs anyways, it’s not like she’s Britney Spears or anything. Okay, maybe that was a bad example, but Jewel’s music doesn’t really stick in
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Madonna tops Forbes list of Cash Queens of Music

Forbes has come out with their list of top female earners in the music business. Madonna topped that list with a whopping $72 million between June 2006 and June 2007. That money is from live shows and various merchandise. That’s enough for her to buy a bunch of houses
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