Star Magazine: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Disaster Details

Star Magazine: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Disaster Details

The latest cover of “Star” magazine shows reality TV star Kim Kardashian and it depicts what kind of travesty her wedding to Kanye West has become. The inset photo shows the high profile pair with their daughter North and the question that everyone is wondering: “Will they call it off?”

Kim and Kanye have apparently already sent out numerous invitations to their wedding celebration, so you know that their spirits were dampened when they received back a lot of the RSVPs marked “No.” 105 guests replied in that way, according to the magazine’s report.

In addition, Kim and Kanye’s wedding planner has called time on their working relationship because of all the diva demands going on. Kim has also had a reported twenty fittings and she STILL hates the dress. Perhaps it’s high time that Kim has realized that she’s not going to fit into a size zero Vera Wang gown?

Lastly, the magazine claims that Kanye has been tormenting Kim over her weight and that they are already in couple’s counseling.

Katy Perry Wants To Move On From John Mayer

Katy Perry Wants To Move On From John Mayer

Pop singer Katy Perry really wants to get over her ex-fiance John Mayer. So much, in fact, that she is having hypnotherapy in order to wipe him out of her life for good.

If you’ve missed the news, Katy and John went their separate ways back in February following reports that he cheated on her. Now, she is doing everything in her power in order to move on from that. A source revealed, “Katy was devastated when they broke up. They had talked about marriage and she seemed to think he was a changed man, so she is beyond gutted. But Katy is a firm believer in alternative therapies and she wants to wipe him from her life for good, so she decided to see a hypnotherapist. She wants to retrain her brain to prevent John coming back. She doesn’t want to find him attractive anymore.”

The source went on to say, “Katy has been really hurt by John and she doesn’t want him worming his way back in. He hates women moving on from him but this time she’s determined to erase him from her life. Her first step was to get him to move all of his belongings out of her home. Katy wants a fresh start and she is well on her way to putting her relationship with John firmly in the past.”

Miley Cyrus Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Miley Cyrus Denies Pregnancy Rumors

In case you’ve missed it, former Disney queen Miley Cyrus was featured on this week’s cover of “Life & Style” magazine with the headline that she is pregnant by some unknown guy. You can read about the entire story here and see a photo of the “Life & Style” cover.

Miley has denied that she is pregnant via her rep, who stated, “There’s no truth to their story.”

A source close to Miley said, ”Miley is definitely not pregnant. She takes the proper precautions for that not to happen, she is very smart about things when it comes to that and is not going to have a kid especially around this high point in her career.”

Selena Gomez’s Trespasser Gets 45 Days In Jail

Selena Gomez's Trespasser Gets 45 Days In Jail

A transient by the name of Che Cruz trespassed on Selena Gomez’s property and was arrested on Sunday inside her guest house in Calabasas, California. Cruz has since been sentenced to 45 days in jail after pleading no contest at his initial court appearance. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of unauthorized entry of a dwelling.

The Deputy District Attorney’s office said the defendant was sentenced to three years worth of probation in addition to the 45 day jail sentence. He was also ordered to stay away from Selena and her home in addition to being prohibited from possessing any weapons.

In January, Selena also fell victim to another trespasser at her home in Tarzana, California. We have yet to learn if she was at her home during the time of either incident.

Recently, the singer was subpoenaed to testify in a photographer’s case against her reported boyfriend Justin Bieber. This incident stemmed from an altercation in May 2012. A source revealed, “Selena is nervous to testify because she doesn’t want to say anything that could negatively affect Justin. She’s more than willing to support him but she’s not happy that she’s been dragged into the case. She thinks Justin is innocent to begin with and that all these paps are just trying to get money.”

The Walking Dead Season 5 Theme: Survive

The Walking Dead Season 5 Theme: Survive

The theme for the fifth season of “The Walking Dead” is simple: Survive. In the above photo released by AMC, we see Rick Grimes trying to defy the mantra set forth by his captors at Terminus: “All who arrive, survive”. After taking a good, long look at Terminus, we know that all who arrive don’t survive — for long, anyways.

We are of the mind that this is the group of cannibals we’ve learned about from the comics, so we figured that the cannibals just set up Terminus as a fake sanctuary in order to get their food to come to them.

Rick, Michonne and Daryl have met up with some of the other prison folks in container “A” at Terminus and Rick left us with some words of encouragement in the season finale. It’s only a matter of time before we see how Rick and company will be able to use the situation to their advantage — if at all.

Can the people in the “A” container survive?