Robert Pattinson Knew Kristen Stewart Was Cheating?

Robert Pattinson Knew Kristen Stewart Was Cheating?

…And the plot thickens between the old flame between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Rob and Kristen had been dating for roughly four years when she famously got busted cheating on him with her married “Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. “Us Weekly” had almost an entire issue dedicated to photos of Kristen and Rupert together, thus causing the breakdown of Rupert’s marriage to Liberty Ross and Rob’s relationship with Kristen. Now, we have learned that Rob suspected that she was cheating before the news went public.

A source said, “When they were officially dating, they always had a policy of one hundred percent honesty, which did create issues. Robert was always very frank about his flings with other women and that worked for Kristen too. They had an open relationship and it’s amazing that Kristen hasn’t revealed this info when she was being painted as a ‘jezebel’. Rob has had other women on the side and Kristen has had other women and men as well.”

The source continued, “Their relationship was always a business and spiritual partnership more than a romantic one. Rob and Kristen often said they might never see each other again after the last Twilight press tour and that’s pretty much what happened, except for their ‘are you in town booty calls’. They were pretty up-front with each other when they got sick and tired of each other. It was the strangest relationship, but keeping each other at arm’s length is working in their favor. Kristen and Rob are still close and definitely in contact, and they still sleep together when the opportunity comes up.”

Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents

Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents

What do you do if your parents don’t like the guy you’ve been dating off and on for the past three years because he’s an overexposed idiot who thinks he owns the world? If you’re Selena Gomez, you just fire them. Apparently that’s what happened when her parents went against her career and personal decisions. Sayonara, folks!

Selena has made the decision to fire her parents because she no longer wants them managing her affairs, personal or otherwise. A source said, “Selena feels she’s outgrown her parents.”

According to the latest gossip, Selena has argued with her parents in the past with regard to the direction of her career AND her relationship with Justin Bieber. Sources close to the situation have said that despite all of the arguments, family friction was not to blame for her decision to terminate their work arrangement.

Prior to the firing hubbub, her parents Mandy and Brian made it crystal clear that they were pretty unhappy about the amount of time Selena was spending with Justin. A source revealed, “They’re doing their best to supervise them. They’re tolerating it as long as they know that there is someone who has eyes on them all the time. They don’t have any control over her. She’s pulling the ‘Who makes the money around here?’ card! It’s a s**t show behind the scenes.”

Lindsay Lohan Covers Kode Magazine

Lindsay Lohan Covers Kode Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Kode” magazine. Inside this issue of the magazine, Lohan discusses her sobriety, new roles, new outlooks, Oprah Winfrey and everything that she hates about Hollywood.

In other Lohan related news, the recovering actress has revealed on Twitter that she is going to Coachella. Earlier today, she tweeted, “coachella bound w @Uber_Palm… who’s coming with me? see you in the desert xx #Coachella2014″.

Is anyone shocked by this? Will she be able to stay clean and sober throughout the music fest?

Khloe Kardashian Refuses Lamar Odom’s Calls

Khloe Kardashian Refuses Lamar Odom's Calls

Khloe Kardashian has had enough of her soon-to-be ex-husband Lamar Odom and has been refusing to take his calls. Last year, she called time on their marriage after his reported drug problem got worse and after rumors began circulating that he was unfaithful to her with several women. Now, she is getting her revenge by rejecting his calls.

A source revealed, “She’s been refusing to take his calls recently. Khloe is out in public with new guys all over them and it is killing Lamar. Yeah, he was totally with other women first, but he doesn’t want Khloe to shove it in his face that she is moving on. Lamar is jealous and gets mad when she refuses to talk to him.”

Khloe has been most recently linked to rapper French Montana, but Lamar is getting jealous? He banged every woman from here to Timbuktoo, so obviously he doesn’t deserve to feel jealous, does he?

The source added, “Lamar and Khloe are done. He tried and she tried but now there’s nothing to go back to.”

Katherine Heigl Is Suing Duane Reade Over Paparazzi Photo & Tweet

Katherine Heigl Is Suing Duane Reade Over Paparazzi Photo & Tweet

Katherine Heigl’s panties are in a bunch once again, but this time the former “Grey’s Anatomy” actress is suing a drug store over an unintentional advertisement. You see, Katherine felt the need to stop at a drug store called Duane Reade to pick up a few things, but the snappers were outside of the store in full force and took a few pictures of her emerging with two bags.

On March 18th, the Walgreens subsidiary tweeted this message to their followers, ““Love a quick #DuaneReade run? Even @KatieHeigl can’t resist shopping #NYC’s favorite drugstore.”

You can check out the paparazzi photo of her Duane Reade shopping exit here, as we do not have access to the photo set. On Wednesday, we’ve learned that the actress has filed a six million dollar lawsuit against the drug store. Her lawyer, Peter Haviland said, “The Heigl photograph is a typical ‘paparazzi’ shot, depicting plaintiff walking on the street in New York City, in a private moment looking away from the camera. Use of plaintiff’s image under these circumstances improperly exploited plaintiff’s name and likeness, as a celebrity, for defendant’s commercial advertising and purposes of trade, without authorization.”

We are doubting that Heigl will be anywhere near successful when it comes to this lawsuit. To us, it feels like reaching. She was in a public place and someone took a picture — this happens to celebrities all of the time… In addition, she is suing for six million dollars?!? Does anyone else feel like this lawsuit is a frivolous waste of time and energy?

We should note that she plans on donating any of the proceeds of the lawsuit to her favorite animal welfare charity, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. “Us Weekly” reports that Katherine didn’t jump to sue Duane Reade and instead asked them first to remove the tweet:

“Her attorneys reached out to Duane Reade after [the tweet] was posted,” the insider tells Us. “They called and asked for it to be taken down, and Duane Reade ignored them. She tried repeatedly to have this settled without a lawsuit.”

Katherine is set to appear in an indie film called “Jenny’s Wedding”, but the flick has fallen short on cash. It is in post-production, but still needs to raise $150,000 in order for it to be completed. When asked about the venture, Katherine said, “I don’t have that much to do with it, but I hope it’s going well.”

Here’s the kicker: When she was asked if the movie doesn’t raise the necessary cash, could she pitch in for it, she replied, “I haven’t made that much in the last few years, man. I gotta support my family.”

Does that mean that Katherine Heigl is suing Duane Reade because she actually needs the cash more than she is letting on? Speculate in the comments section below.