Inside Demi Moore’s Desperate Spiral

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, Demi Moore has been partying with her daughter and chasing boys who are younger than her estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher. Once a cougar, always a cougar? The tabloid is really just echoing what was revealed by People magazine in that Demi ... Continue Reading

Angelina Jolie Cheated On Brad Pitt?

The latest issue of the National Enquirer reveals that Angelina Jolie admits to cheating on Brad Pitt! Apparently, they had gone to a marital counseling session, but he stormed out after she confessed to hooking up with another man. And it was just yesterday that OK! magazine claimed that ... Continue Reading

Why Demi Moore Went Into Treatment

People magazine’s latest issue features a story on Demi Moore and the real reason that she sought treatment. As it turns out, she is obsessed with the idea of staying young. Demi turns 50-years-old on November 11, 2012, but apparently she was interested in living the young, wild life. ... Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Hits Rock Bottom

Apparently Life & Style magazine really wants people to feel sorry for reality television star Kim Kardashian. Kim is featured front and center on the latest issue of the tabloid with the headline, “I am so alone”. Kinda makes you think she has a heart, doesn’t it? Don’t be ... Continue Reading