Paige Thomas Sings ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ On The X Factor (VIDEO)

Paige Thomas Sings 'Never Gonna Give You Up' On The X Factor (VIDEO)

Tonight on “The X Factor USA”, the top eight are taking the stage to perform their “number one hits”. In case you’re unable to watch the full show, we are recapping it live here.

Paige Thomas is performing third on the show tonight. She is singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. She just rick-rolled the nation. Go Paige. She gave the song an R&B twist. Not bad.


Judges’ commentary:

L.A. Reid said that was by far her very best performance yet, by a long shot. She found her voice, her movement. He commended Demi for getting it right. Britney Spears said this was a legitimate risk to take, but it worked. Simon Cowell asked who chose her outfit because this was the first time that she’s looked and sounded like a legitimate pop star. The song was brave and a risk and it paid off. He said it’s clear that she has to make more decisions about what she does. Demi Lovato said she is so proud of her and it was awesome.

Was this your favorite performance of the evening? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments and let us know who you’re rooting for to win the show!

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