Paris Hilton knows how to cook

Besides knowing how to toke up a bong, get arrested and flaunt naked on a yacht, Paris Hilton says that she actually knows how to cook. Color me surprised!

This nitwit really wants us to believe that she knows how to operate a stove? Sure, we’ll bite.

Contact Music reports:

She said: “I love just to, you know make a big breakfast and call my friends. I love cooking and I’m a great cook. For breakfast, I make amazing French toast. Breakfast is, like my favorite meal of the day so I always make it really big, with maybe, some omelets and pancakes. I also make the best lasagna you’ve ever tasted.”

Despite her slender frame, Paris isn’t afraid to indulge in her favorite calorific treats because she knows her active lifestyle will prevent her piling on the pounds.

She explained: “My weakness is fries and cheese. I love my food. I have a slim figure anyway but I always exercise.

“I like to do Pilates and I run around my estate. I go for rides on my cute little pink bike. I’m always rushing around so much my friends call me ‘The Machine’.”

I would’ve guessed that her version of cooking is telling her chef exactly what to make and supervising the process. That way she could at least tell people what an egg looks like.

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