Paris Hilton Loses Two Cell Phones…

Paris Hilton Loses Two Cell Phones...

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A famous celebrity, who’s basically famous for being famous, loses a cell phone/laptop/other device — and BOOM! The raunchy photos/videos get “leaked”.

So, Paris Hilton was in the Philippines and she lost two of her cell phones…So you know what that means, right? Double the exposure! Ha. And here we thought she was leaning toward irrelevance. Oh wait, that’s right, she is.

Because we’re totally sick of her “branding”, Paris has decided to infect the Philippines with her “merchandising”. She arrived in the country last night, but the good folks over there said that she was already searching the plane for her cell phones upon her arrival. Maybe that’s a hint that they wanted her herp back in the U.S.?

Chief of the MIAA’s media affairs division, Connie Bungag, said, “As she was walking the concourse area, she stopped and tried looking for it in her bag. We don’t think she lost it here. When she was deplaning, she was already looking for the phones.”

I read that as: “She needs to get her herp infested self back on the plane — we didn’t sign up for this!”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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