Paris Hilton Sucks As A DJ

Paris Hilton Sucks As A DJ

Heiress Paris Hilton is apparently unaware of how much she sucks as a DJ, so we’re here to break the news to her nicely. Paris, you suck — please stop. Signed your non-fans here at Earsucker. That’s about as nice as we can get considering her failed attempts at music and a revamped reality show.

She played an hour-long set in Sao Paulo, Brazil which didn’t go as well as she might’ve thought. From our understanding, Paris fumbled while trying her hands at being a DJ. She was said to have been playing Rihanna’s song, “We Found Love” over songs which sounded like crap. She was getting down, dancing, seemingly unaware that she fails as a DJ, miserably.

The “Daily Mirror” said, “Paris Hilton did a little DJ gig to thousands of fans in Brazil last night – only, she seemed to enjoy it a little more than they did.”

On non-fan (holla!) on Twitter said of the video on YouTube, “395 likes, 11,825 dislikes, Perhaps Paris Hilton should take a look at that before she attempts to DJ again.”

Paris probably felt because she hooked up with a DJ that she could be one. As usual, she was wrong. What did you think of her DJ debut?

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