Paris Hilton sued over $60,000 worth of jewelry

Paris Hilton sued over $60,000 worth of jewelry

Heiress Paris Hilton has been hit with a lawsuit for not returning $60,000 worth of borrowed jewelry.

She was loaned the jewelry by Damiani, but they were stolen when her home was robbed in December of 2009. The police recovered the items that were taken, but Paris has yet to return them.

So, the company’s insurance company, Allianz, filed the lawsuit against her for $60,000.

According to the lawsuit, “Despite having recovered Damiani’s jewelry, Hilton has failed to return all of the jewelry to Damiani as required by the Agreements.”

The lawsuit also claims that she didn’t properly secure the items and had often left the front door of her mansion unlocked with the alarm system turned off.

The lawsuit states, “On Friday, December 19, 2009, in the early morning hours, Ms. Hilton left her mansion and attended a party at Bar Delux in Hollywood, California. At some point that night, the Damiani jewelry was placed in Ms. Hilton’s closet and not in the safe as required by the Agreements. On December 18, 2009, Ms. Hilton left the front door to her mansion unlocked. Like the front door, Ms. Hilton also left the safe unlocked that was supposed to be used to secure the loaned Damiani jewelry.”

That was the same night that she was robbed.

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