Paris Hilton Tricks Friends To Test Trustworthiness

Paris Hilton Tricks Friends To Test Trustworthiness

Paris Hilton has revealed that she actually tricks her new friends in order to test how trustworthy they are.

She does have oodles upon oodles of money, so I can imagine that she probably feels that people are only friends with her for the chance at fame or the opportunity to use her for her money. So I guess this would be a defense mechanism of sorts. But don’t get me wrong here, I wouldn’t go through any lengths to defend Paris.

Paris makes sure that her new friends and potential boyfriends know how to keep a secret by telling them a fake piece of news and seeing if it leaks out into the media. She has become very guarded and wants to be careful in choosing her new friends, because she’s been betrayed on many occasions by people who can’t seem to keep their mouths shut.

In a new interview with George Lopez, she said, “I’ll basically tell them a fake rumor and then see if it’s printed in the tabloids the next week.”

So is this her way of explaining away some of the rumors surrounding her? I’m sure they all can’t be fake, right? Besides that, who really goes out of their way to test their friends and future boyfriends?

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