Paris Hilton wants to play a vampire on True Blood

Paris Hilton really wants to skank up my favorite show, True Blood, by playing a blood sucking vampire. Ugh, this trick.

Paris appeared on the red carpet at MyStudio in Hollywood recently to launch her tenth fragrance, Tease. She said, “There’s only one show I really watch and it’s True Blood. I think it’s a really awesome show.”

That’s no surprise, it’s like Captain Obvious is working overtime here. What scares me is that this self-absorbed twit thinks she can act and wants to ruin the show. So she dressed up as a man dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for the launch of her new stink….that doesn’t mean she can act.

When asked what type of character she would like to play on the show, she said, “Maybe a vampire or something. I think that would be fun.”

Umm, no thank you. True Blood is just fine the way it is….it surely doesn’t need your no talent skills messing it up.

I think all TV shows would do well to boycott this tragic mess of a person. They wouldn’t let Snoop Dogg on the show and he wrote a song for Sookie. She needs to get over herself, like now.

/PSA over.

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