Paris Hilton’s Reality Show AXED!

Paris Hilton's Reality Show AXED!

Paris Hilton’s reality show, The World According To Paris, has been given the axe by the Oxygen Network! I would say that this is enough cause for celebration, wouldn’t you?

This comes right after George Lopez’s show was cancelled, along with Kate Plus 8, and L.A. Ink. It seems like the networks are really cleaning house. Can you blame them? Her show debuted to less than dismal ratings. Besides that, who really wants to hear about some whiney rich twit who can’t find the right purse to match her shoes? Not I, that’s for sure.

It’s not like we’re clamoring to watch the Oxygen Network, either. But it just warms my cold, dead heart that no one wants to watch this self-entitled twit be superficial while the rest of us suffer.

TMZ reports: reports the Oxygen Network will not renew “The World According to Paris” … after repeatedly scoring abysmally low in the ratings.

However, a rep for the show tells us, “The show just recently completed its run and no pick up decision has been made.”

If she’s going to be relevant again, she’s going to have to squeeze out some kids or marry someone who has some degree of talent. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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