Paris Hilton’s Stalker Arrested

Paris Hilton's Stalker Arrested

Paris Hilton had a bit of trouble over the Independence Day holiday when her stalker made an appearance outside of her home.

James Rainford was busted outside of her Malibu pad and authorities came to the rescue. Someone saw him looking into her home and recognized from news reports. They alerted the police who came and booked him.

TMZ has more:

Rainford attacked Paris’ ex-bf Cy Waits outside court in April — and was also arrested when he snuck onto her Hollywood property in October, 2010.

The Sheriff’s Department says Rainford was arrested for violating a protective order requiring him to stay 200 yards away from Paris.

So this is why she still thinks she’s relevant. Just kidding, she hasn’t been relevant for years. She couldn’t gain any more popularity even if she changed her last name to Kardashian and you know how we feel about those trolls.

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