Paul Rudd Talks Awkward Wanderlust Toilet Scene

Paul Rudd says that his bathroom scene in his new movie Wanderlust was difficult because the director just kept on rolling the tape — despite all of the awkwardness.

The movie’s director, David Wain, just kept the cameras rolling. Can you imagine trying to use the bathroom in the company of complete strangers?

Paul revealed, “That was our first day of shooting. It was the first scene that we shot, and it did go on a long time. I remember vividly seeing the many faces of the crew with an expression of ‘What the f*** am I working on?’ They were legitimately concerned and like, ‘This is not what I read. This is weird.’ But, they went with it.”

This isn’t Paul’s first time working with the director — he also took one of his first roles in Wet Hot American Summer. In a new interview with Collider, Paul said, “I like it. I’m not a fan of just doing the scene, cutting, setting up again, and doing the scene again. It’s nice when you can keep going and find a rhythm as something can happen, particularly if you’re improvising. It’s great when you have a director that wants to work like that.”

He went on to add, “I’m a huge David Wain fan. He just makes me laugh continually. He’s got a very specific sensibility that is unlike anybody I’ve ever met and I happen to think that he’s a really talented filmmaker.”

Photo Credit: Thomas Janssen,

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