Paul Walker And Roger Rodas Cause Of Death Revealed

Paul Walker And Roger Rodas Cause Of Death Revealed

The cause of death was just recently made public to the media, and to the world, concerning the tragic car wreck that took the lives of 40-year-old actor Paul Walker and his 38-year-old friend named Roger Rodas.

The fiery car crash was not only tragic, it was also something that took away two lives long before their time, and this is a fact that makes the event all the more sadder in description. Not only did Hollywood lose a young actor that had an awesome acting career, but a wonderful man, who was a father of a loving teenage daughter and so very much more. Roger Rodas was also someone very special in his own right, and he was loved very much too, by his family and friends. The cause of death is revealed for Paul Walker and his friend in the fiery car crash.

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were killed on Saturday in Santa Clarita, CA, when the Porsche GT they were in somehow went veering off the road suddenly. They then hit a pole and then the car exploded into a mass of jutting flames. The exact cause of the deadly car crash is still under investigation at this time. However, an autopsy report from the LA County Coroner’s Office was just released, and the contents of it are as follows. The actor Paul Walker didn’t die from the impact sustained in the crash. His cause of death was from both the effects of trauma and thermal injuries that he did get as a result of the car crash. He literally burned to death after the car went off of the road, hit a tree, then a pole, and then exploded into massive flames. Roger Rodas, his friend, did die from the result of multiple traumatic injuries, which were caused from the impact of the car accident. The autopsy report didn’t say that he didn’t die from the intense flames, and also, it wasn’t a factor in his death.

Both of the men in this car crash were also positively identified by their dental records and the two deaths have been ruled as an accident. The toxicology results for both men will not be available for six to eight weeks.

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