Paula Abdul Has A Crush On Ryan Gosling

Paula Abdul Has A Crush On Ryan Gosling

Former “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul has revealed her celebrity crush and it’s none other than “The Notebook” actor Ryan Gosling! Well, now we know that she’s not allegedyl deluded by mass quantities of Vicodin. Seriously, who doesn’t have a crush on Ryan? He’s hot!

In a new interview with “Life & Style”, Paula revealed, “Like most women, my celeb crush is Ryan Gosling! But as a little girl, I loved Gene Kelly.”

She went on to discuss travel and the power of her smile. She said, “I’ve traveled to lots of far places, mostly for personal appearances or performances. I love going to Southeast Asia. A beauty product that can instantly transform my look is Go Smile, I like those. Your smile is everything and happiness is a choice, so I think smiling makes you feel beautiful.”

These quotes started off okay and then trailed off into the deep end. She started sounding like every other woman on the planet and then ended up pitching a product as if her last name were Kardashian.

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